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Trade bitcoin derivatives without liquidation

Trade commodities derivatives without liquidation

Trade forex without liquidation

Trade forex with bitcoin

Trade oil with bitcoin

Trade nasdaq with bitcoin

Trade gold with bitcoin

Trade index without liquidation

Margin trading without liquidation

Margin trading with no liquidation

trading with no liquidation

Lend bitcoin

Lend my bitcoin

Lend your bitcoin

Lend your bitcoin with high interest rates


Maker: -0.04% ; Taker: 0.05%

When you borrow funds to trade, you pay interest to the lenders at the given daily rate.

When you lend your funds to other traders, a fee of 5% is charged on your interests.

We may change these fee rates at any time without notice.


All transactions are irreversible. Long = Buy ; Short = Sell

If an order increases a position, the new Entry Price is (position size * position entry + order quantity * order price) / (position size + order quantity)

If you do not have enough funds to handle the order at the execution then the order is cancelled.

To close a position, you have to place an opposite order at any price. P/L = Quantity * (Closing Price - Entry Price)

When the Closing Price of a short is greater than Entry Price * 2 then you lose the entire collateral. In this case, you can't place a limit order and the real quantity of your buy order is Quantity * Entry Price / Closing Price.

The price cannot exceed 99.99999999 Bitcoin


You can lend your Bitcoin to other traders. The daily rate cannot exceed 0.05 = 5%. A fee of 5% is charged on your interests.

Our claim price mechanism protects your funds even in case of flash pump/crash because positions are not liquidated @ Market price but only cancelled.

You have the possibility to automatically renew your lends, you can also cancel the automatic renewal at any time.

Isolated Margin: When a position is closed, you cannot lose more than the collateral used to open it.

Exposure = Sum (Absolute(Size) * Entry) of all positions except the borrowing position one.

Leverage = Exposure / (Margin Free + Margin Locked)

Short: Claim price = Entry price * (1 + 1 / Leverage)

Long: Claim price = Entry price * (1 - 1 / Leverage)

Loss = Quantity * (Claim Price - Entry Price)

Example: You deposit 1 Bitcoin on the platform and you buy 50 [email protected] Bitcoin and 25 [email protected] Bitcoin

Your leverage is 2 because you've borrowed 1 Bitcoin to open the long position on TSLA and your exposure is 2 Bitcoin

The claim price of the first position is 0.01 Bitcoin, the claim price of the second position is 0.02 Bitcoin

Let's say that ETH price drops to 0 Bitcoin, your long on ETH will be open until you claim the position and your position on TSLA is still open. If you claim the position en ETH, your loss will be 0.5 Bitcoin

Auto-liquidation is forbidden to protect the lenders. You cannot sell below the claim price of your long or buy above the claim price of your short.

Order types

Hidden: It hides the order in the order book but you pay the taker fees.

Reduce: It will cancel the order at the execution if it increases the size of a position.

Renew: It will automatically replace your lend order in the order book at the same daily rate. To cancel it, click on "Stop automatic lending renewal"

Post-Only: It will cancel the order if it removes liquidity - only available with GTC orders.

Margin: When you have an order which is supposed to lead to borrowing Bitcoin, if there is not enough Bitcoin to borrow at the execution then the order is cancelled.

10 000 orders / day: to remove the limitation, please contact us.


You are responsible if your deposit has been sent to a wrong bitcoin address - 6 confirmations needed on the blockchain to credit your margin wallet.


You are responsible if you enter a wrong bitcoin address - Minimal amount: 0.00025 Bitcoin - We don't charge any fee but you pay the network fees.